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Stress Relief

How do you relieve stress?

Lately, it’s been doing different things.  For example, taking walks at lunch, spending time with our sons, playing on the Wii, or…

..shooting a gun.

What did he just say?

Now before you get all worked up, the gun is a CO2 airsoft handgun; a gun that shoots little plastic BBs.  I constructed an outdoor target in our backyard. First, I stood up two 6 ft. poles inside bricks, about 15 feet from the patio, while the paper is attached to the target by tape.  Masking or duct tape works well.  I load my airsoft pistol and shoot from the patio.

I can’t tell you how great it feels to simply put some holes in a piece of paper.  The CO2 gives the gun a nice sound as you unload a clip full of BBs down range.  Best of all, it’s cheap entertainment and this won’t alarm the neighbors!

Enjoy and have lots of fun…



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